A two-day course designed to provide the leadership, technical and interpersonal skills to improve worker health and safety awareness on the job.

The Site Safe Supervisor course provides learners with tools to promote safety performance through improved worker behaviour, better job planning, co-operation and improved safety activities.

This course is suitable for all site leaders including supervisors, foremen, leading hands as well as new or soon-to-be supervisors of a construction site.

With the Supervisor course you will:

  • Understand the links between a safety culture and profitability.
  • Improve health and safety awareness of everyone working on your
    construction site.
  • Earn 10 credits towards your Health and Safety in Construction Programme.
  • Achieve NZQA Unit Standard 21970 - Improve building or construction site safety through changed work practices, actions and attitudes - level 4, 6 NZQA credits.

What The Course Covers

  • How to promote a good health and safety culture and influence good safe behaviour in your team.
  • How to communicate effectively not just with your workers but with everyone in the work site.  We will cover the benefits and ways that you can have positive conversations.
  • Your responsibilities under health and safety legislation and regulations. How to ensure your team has the right combination of knowledge, skills and experience to do the job right and safely. We will look at how to train and evaluate competence of your team and how you can supervise them effectively.
  • How to plan a job and develop a thorough and well–thought out analysis of a specific task.
  • The importance of finding out the underlying causes of the accident. We will show you ways to get to the bottom of the problem and help you analyse the root cause objectively while avoiding laying blame on those involved.
  • How to manage any untoward incident that may occur while performing the job. You must know what the emergency plan is so you can prepare appropriately and address the issue promptly and safely.


  • You have three months to complete the assignment after the course.
  • The assignment covers six topics relating to:
      • Influencing behaviour
      • Training workers and evaluating competence levels
      • Job planning and Task Analysis/SWMS
      • Accident investigation
      • Emergency planning
      • Legislation

Site Safe regularly reviews and updates course content in partnership with the Construction industry, to ensure alignment to best practice industry standards. Visit our Why Choose Site Safe Training page for more information.

What you will get at the End of the Course

What You'll Get at the End of the Course

  • A Site Safety Card (Passport) valid for two years
  • 16 Licensed Building Practitioner points
  • 10 credits towards the Health and Safety in Construction Programme
  • Unit Standard 21970 - Improve building or construction site safety through changed work practices, actions and attitudes - level 4, 6 NZQA credits
  • A downloadable and printable E-certificate to celebrate your achievement

Your Next Learning Steps

Completing this course and passing the assignment means you'll gain site access for the next two years.

When it's time to renew your site access again you don't need to complete the same course - expand your health and safety knowledge with a different course that's relevant to you. Have a look at the pathway examples for more training options or progress your height learning.

Completing this course will also mean that you are well on your way to gaining a qualification in health and safety; check out the Health and Safety in Construction Programme page for more info.  

Please note: If you are attending a 1 or 2 day Site Safe course then you need to bring with you a form of identification that can be verified (travel passport, birth certificate or residency certificate). This is required by NZQA and the Tertiary Education Commission.

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