Passport Plus - Flexi (Online + Webinar)

Site Safe’s Passport Plus – Flexi (Online + Webinar) now offers the advantage of online and webinar learning. With access to online modules and a two-hour webinar session, learners may select the topics most relevant to them, while still getting a solid grounding in how to stay safe on site. 

This course is designed to give learners the best of both worlds: choice, flexibility and webinar time with one of our expert learning facilitators.

The Passport Plus - Flexi (Online + Webinar) offers you:

  • A cost-effective option for renewing Site Safety Cards (Passport), the Passport Plus - Flexi (Online + Webinar) builds on the knowledge introduced in the entry-level Passport courses.
  • Freedom to study online at your own pace at a time and location that suits you
  • Webinar access to an expert learning facilitator
  • Regularly updated information relevant to the risks you face on site
  • A solid grounding in health and safety essentials

Note:  Online modules must be completed within two months of booking the course. Learners must complete the two online modules and the webinar session before receiving their Site Safety Card. The online link to choose the modules will be sent directly to the trainee's email after the course is purchased.

Webinar system requirements: Windows is preferred. Android and iOS are acceptable. Use of phones is not recommended due to having to view presentations during the webinar. Test your system here before registering.

Each learner will need to use their own individual device to complete the webinar component of the course.

Online Modules

This course includes a two-hour webinar session and access to two online modules. Each module is interactive and engaging, featuring images, audio and quizzes. Learners select from a library of regularly updated topics - all they need is an email address and a computer or tablet with internet. Each user-friendly module takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and is designed so learners can learn at their own pace. 

Select any two modules from our library, which currently includes:

  • Asbestos Awareness: learn how asbestos harms health, some of the places it can be found and what to do if you find it. This is a basic awareness module and does not cover how to remove or dispose of asbestos.
  • Noise: learn how noise can affect you and how to manage hearing-related risks. This module introduces workers to their legal responsibilities and the types of    equipment that pose the greatest risk to hearing.  
  • Worker Basics: learn about the dangers of fatigue, drugs, alcohol and stress, and your legal responsibilities as a worker. This module introduces workers to hazard identification and how to assess levels of risk.
  • Manual Handling: learn what manual handling is and the potential injuries it can cause. This module covers what controls can be used when lifting or moving material and strategies that can reduce harm.
  • Mobile Plant: learn about the risk’s workers face when working with or near mobile plant. This module introduces workers to hazard identification, training and competency, spotters, site lay out and planning.
  • Electricity: learn about electrical dangers on-site and the importance of staying safe when working around electricity. This is a basic awareness module and is not suitable for electricians.
  • Consultants Legislation: Learn how legislation affects Consultants and understand the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. This module explains the responsibilities, terminology and roles Consultants have regarding legislation and the changes that have occurred since the HSWA 2015 was implemented.
  • Consultants  Influencing Safety: Learn how Consultants can influence safety in design. This module is designed to give you a thorough grounding in the  purpose of understanding safety in design and influence safety. As a Consultant of structures, and those that work with you, you need to understand the basics of safety in design, so your work will not put anyone’s health and safety at risk.

Two-hour webinar session

The two-hour webinar session introduces learners to essential health and safety principles, including:

  • Reasons for being safe and how to take action on-site
  • How to shape health and safety culture through positive conversations
  • Understanding the basic risks and responsibilities of working on site
  • Improving health and safety awareness on site

What you get at the end of the course

  • Site Safety Card (Passport) valid for two years
  • Four Licensed Building Practitioner points
  • Three credits towards the Site Safe Health and Safety in Construction programme (only one Passport level course may be counted towards the certificate)

Next learning steps

Completing a Site Safe Passport means you'll gain site access for the next two years.

When it's time to renew your site access, you don't need to complete the same course again - expand your health and safety knowledge with a different course that's relevant to you. We offer a range of one and two-day courses which will renew your Site Safety Card.

Have a look at the pathway examples for more training options after successfully completing this course.

Check out our Training CPD Matrix to see Site Safe courses and credits at a glance.

With over 60,000 New Zealand construction workers attending a Site Safe Passport course each year, most major New Zealand contractors require a Site Safety Card for entry to their sites, and as a prerequisite in their tender process.

As well as offering Passport courses, Site Safe also offers a range of one and two-day courses which automatically renew Site Safety Cards.

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