Risk Management

Our one-day Risk Management course is designed to provide industry with knowledgeable risk management workers who can effectively evaluate, control and monitor workplace risk in a variety of settings, in order to proactively contribute to reducing workplace harm within their sector.   

Having completed the course, learners will work in collaboration with staff, colleagues, stakeholders, and other sector groups to proactively assess and control workplace risk and support optimal safety, health, and wellbeing as required by New Zealand Health and Safety regulations. Learners will contribute to building a strong and equitable health and safety culture within their workplace and as part of wider sector priorities.

Target audience

This course is targeted towards any experienced onsite or offsite worker looking to increase their knowledge and skills regarding the management of workplace risk and health and safety culture.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the principles of health and safety risk assessment. US 30265 Performance Criteria 1.1
  • Apply recognised legal requirements for managing Health & Safety applying in the workplace.
  • Identify key hazards in the workplace using recognized hazards identification procedures. US 30265 Performance Criteria 2.1
  • Assess and control health and safety risks using recognised risk management methods. US 30265 Performance Criteria 2.2, 2.3
  • Identify methods to monitor managed risks and review the risk management process. US 30265 Performance Criteria 2.4, 2.5
  • Identify actions that could be undertaken to improve workplace health and safety culture. 

How you will be assessed

You will need to complete and submit a take home assignment within 3 months of attending the course.

What the course covers

This interactive, classroom-based course enables businesses to manage their health and safety risks as required by New Zealand Health and Safety Regulations.

Using ISO 31000 and New Zealand Health and Safety Legislation as a guide, learners consider the key principles of risk management practicing and applying Risk Management processes to their own workplace. Long term cultural and behavioural change theory is applied with learners examining the external and internal drivers of risk that impact on both their own and their company’s ability to meet objectives.

Learners learn how to access and apply the requirements of current New Zealand legislation and WorkSafe New Zealand guidelines, this includes both scenario-based learning and applying legislation to learner’s workplace experiences to create a formal risk management process that applies specifically to the business or workplace.

Learners will also review some of the common risk management methodologies in use to determine the best one to use for specific situations. Applying recognised risk management process to evaluate and identify opportunities to improve a company’s risk management framework, learners contribute to improving workers and contractor’s performance, increasing worker wellbeing and helping to build a strong and equitable health and safety culture within their workplace and as part of wider sector priorities.

Site Safe regularly reviews and updates course content in partnership with the Construction industry, to ensure alignment to best practice industry standards. Visit our Why Choose Site Safe Training page for more information.

Language requirements

To complete this course successfully, learners must be able to read and understand conversational English. If you are not comfortable with English comprehension or need assistance in choosing the right course for you, please contact us.

What you'll get at the end of the course

  • A Site Safety Card/Passport (valid for two years)
  • 8 Licensed Building Practitioner points
  • 8 credits towards the Health and Safety in Construction Programme
  • NZQA Unit Standard 30265 - Apply health and safety risk assessment to a job role - level 3, 8 NZQA credits
  • A downloadable and printable E-certificate to celebrate your achievement

Next learning steps

Please note: If you are attending a 1- or 2-day Site Safe course then you need to bring with you a form of identification that can be verified (travel passport, birth certificate or residency certificate). This is required by NZQA and the Tertiary Education Commission.

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