Site Safe courses that include wellbeing

We currently offer two Site Safe courses that take an in-depth look into mental health and wellbeing.

Passport Plus – Worker Health: this course discusses health related issues that affect kiwi construction workers, including; mental and physical fatigue, depression, relationships problems and addiction. Learners then examine tools and techniques for dealing with these issues.  

Supervisor: learners examine the contributing factors relating to stress and fatigue. The course gives learners the tools to identify and help those around them who may be experiencing physical or emotional stress. Learners then discuss mental health and wellbeing in more detail, including factors that contribute to a person being mentally unwell, how learners can help identify these signs and help the workers they supervise. Learners also examine the concept of the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Site Safe is currently working on incorporating mental health and wellbeing information into our courses