Mental Health videos

Mental health is something we all have. It’s the way we think and feel and how we address and face the challenges in life. When our mental health is poor, we find ourselves unable to cope.

Mental health could seem like a daunting subject to talk about, but we all have had conversations with colleagues and friends about bereavement, breakups and other life events. We use the same skills to talk about mental health, it's just the same.

Don’t feel awkward when reaching out to someone as they give you the brush off the first time, it can be difficult to come forward. It's important to give your full attention to the person you are listening to. 

There is a lot of stigma around mental health, but you could save as life.

Checkout and share these two mental health videos with your staff at your next toolbox talk about recognising the warning signs of poor mental health, and starting the conversation in construction.

Watch the video from Crossrail on spotting the signs of mental health issues in your colleagues and friends.

Watch the video from Mace on starting the conversation in construction and helping to build a healthier, safer industry.

Mental health affects everyone, we would like to thank our colleagues at Building Mental Health UK for allowing the use of the video’s.

Mental health and suicide prevention on-site 

Presentations from MATES in Construction and Mental Health Foundation NZ on Building Mental Health and Suicide Prevention On-Site, and How to Start Conversations about Mental Health.