Free mental health and stress pocket guides

These handy mental health and stress pocket guides provide practical tips on how to have a conversation about mental health and identify the signs of stress.

Mental health pocket guide

CHASNZ, with assistance from Dr. Kate Bryson and the Mental Health Foundation, has made available a simple pocket guide on how to have real conversations with a team member before, during and after about mental health.

The intent is to normalise these conversations and create better workplace supportive bonds, ensuring worksites are safer places to be for physical and mental health.

You do not have to have the necessary skills to start conversations about mental health and wellbeing. Simply make talking about wellbeing an everyday thing.

To make it easier, we are offering a free downloadable mental health pocket guide.  

Industry taking action together

Research undertaken by Site Safe with funding from BRANZ was launched June 2019 to better understand the cicumstances surrounding a suicide. The study analysed 300 coroners’ files of suicide in construction, between 2007 to 2017. The research showed there are complex factors contributing towards suicides, including workplace factors.

Stress in Construction pocket guide

An stress in construction industry study conducted in partnership with Massey University's School of Built Environment, has made available a stress in construction pocket guide on how to identify the signs of stress and its impacts.

The aim is to help yourself and your colleagues suffering from stress and how to identify what cauases stress and the precautions to take.

We have made an easy to carry free downloadable stress in construction pocket guide. 

Industry working together

In collaboration with Massey University Researchers: Dr Andries van Heerden and Dr Gregory Chawynski.