Knots for Height and Fall Arrest

Learn how to do the basic knots needed for height and fall arrest work.

Figure 8 on a Bight

This is a commonly used knot for creating an anchor point.


Alpine butterfly

This knot is used to create a bight (anchor point) along a length of rope. This knot holds up well under three-way tension as it maintains its shape. 

The advantage of this knot is that it can be made mid-line and the loop can be made as large or small as desired. 


Italian Hitch

The Italian hitch can be used for controlled raising or lowering of tools at height. The hitch is useful because it will function both ways when pulled through a carabiner. Always ensure your carabiner is locked off before the hitch is used.

Important: this hitch can also be used in a belaying or abseiling system in a rescue situation, but this is a should only be attempted by a trained professional.


Daisy Chain

This is great knot to use when storing your long rope to prevent tangling. Fold your rope in half and follow the method below. To finish, lock the chain off by tying the end through the final loop.

To unravel; untie the final loop and pull to release the rope cleanly.