Alida Smith

Alida Smith


Learning Facilitator

P: 021 630 605


Alida has a background in various hospitality roles around the world and has worked as a tour operator and travel agent to South America.

After completing a teaching qualification, Alida's career started as a secondary school teacher in South Africa. This led Alida into vocational training, training tourism, hospitality in the classroom and on the job training. She also worked as a trainer helping students upskill and become qualified professionals by the recogionition of prior learning and completing higher learning dipolomas in South Africa and the Middle East.

What Alida can bring to her cleints

  • Engagement through training and skills development.
  • Professional development.
  • On the job training.

 Specific Expertise

  • Adult Education.
  • Vocational Trainer.
  • Skills development.


  • Bachelor’s Degree Tourism Management.
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education Senior Phase.
  • Certificate in Adult Education.
  • Accredited Assessor.
  • Accredited Moderator.