2015 Winners and Finalists

The Site Safe 2015 Construction Health and Safety Awards winners were presented and celebrated at the Evening of Celebration.

Congratulations to our four winners

  • Intaks NZ Ltd winner of the Unitec Safety Innovation Award for small to medium orgnisations
  • McLeod Hiabs winner of the AWF Safety Innovation Award for large organisations
  • Men at Work winner of the Benchmark Homes Safety Leadership Award
  • Kristina Wishnowsky winner of the WorkSafe NZ Safety Contribution Award

Unitec Safety Innovation Award (for small to medium organisations)

Winner - INTAKS NZ Ltd

Designed a solution called the Apex Post that makes it safer for workers to install edge protection on the apex of buildings. The post eliminates the need for the installer to scale the apex and put themselves at risk of a fall.

This new solution has resulted in productivity improvements with shorter install times and most importantly, workers are feeling safer on site.    


  • PC Renovations - Put a range of health and safety innovations in place to make a difference to their workers, including their You Said – We Did initiative which was inspired by Lawrence Waterman and the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter.
  • Structured Build and Lift Systems -  Designed an innovative roof lift system that eliminates the risk of falls from height. Roof and wall framings are built at ground level and then a jacking system is used to elevate the roof and fit the walls.

AWF Safety Innovation Award (for large organisations)

Winner - McLeod Hiabs

Created a ladder solution called the ‘Three Points of Contact Vehicle Access’ which allows their operators to access their hiab decks without risk of slips, trips and falls.

The solution is easy to use for drivers and keeps the operators safe from the injuries that can come with jumping off decks.


  • M2PP Alliance for the Mackays to Peka Peka Project - Developed an initiative called ‘Our Safety Formula’, a worker engagement tool and programme that follows 10 principles which are driven by staff and are embedded right across the project. 
  • Wellington Airport/Hawkins Construction - Created the Safety Wingman Campaign to drive improvements in behaviour and to encourage workers to not only look out for themselves, but to look out for each other and get home safe.

Benchmark Homes Safety Leadership Award (for small, medium or large organisation)

Winner - Men at Work

Put in place a range of initiatives to increase staff awareness of health and safety and to celebrate success. These included STMS of the month, buddy systems, mentoring, training, incentives and monitoring.

Men @ Work’s strategy has been that a ‘Happy and Healthy Team’ with the best resources will enable them to provide the best service to customers and have the best safety record.


  • Catalyst Consulting Ltd - Took the lead in engaging with their sub-contractors to develop a new system and a more safety-conscious culture. They have also focused on building sub-contractors capability to meet the new health and safety legislation.
  • Housing New Zealand - Introduced the new ‘HomeSAFE’ concept that encourages all staff to be leaders by having safety conversations on worksites with a focus on encouraging and reinforcing safe behaviours.
  • Pipeline & Civil Ltd - For the attitude and leadership shown by Fiona Jerry and Roy Winikerei in delivering health and safety. They are both early adopters and have implemented a number of new initiatives while being ambassadors for the company motto ‘Stop, Think, Live’.

WorkSafe New Zealand Safety Contribution Award (for an individual or small team)

Winner - Kristina Wischnowsky - Corbel Construction

For championing health and safety within the company and in the wider industry, including her contribution to the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter and other voluntary groups.

Kristina has presented at conferences and to numerous groups about the Safety Charter and has helped transform Corbel’s relationship to safety from ‘a necessary evil’ back in 2013 to ‘everyone’s responsibility’ today.


  • Gina Jones – National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)  - For inspiring and driving the idea of creating the NAWIC Safety Jacket (designed with Annah Stretton). The jacket is designed to give women more confidence on site and to prevent the safety hazard that can come with loose fitting jackets.  
  • Wes Jefferys - City Care - For his dedication to health and safety in the organisation and for developing a new purpose-built training and development facility for implementing safe work practices. The facility has been very successful with more than 600 trainees going through already.