Site Safe and Naylor Love prepare Wainuiomata students for working safely on site

07 Jul 2022

Site Safe is committed to providing safer and healthier workplaces across New Zealand.

We educate as part of our responsibility to industry health and safety to ensure all our workers get home safe to their whānau at the end of each day.

Last month, Wellington Safety Advisor Andrew Quinn was invited to Wainuiomata High School to run Foundation Passport training for a group of senior students.

The training was the student’s first experience of a behavioural safety course, giving them clarity on how they should act and behave and what they should be wearing on both construction and restricted sites.

Andrew said this type of training was valuable to the students because many construction companies require workers to have a Site Safety card to gain access to a site.

He said it was invaluable to have Naylor Love members working alongside the students and helping answer any questions.

He hoped their example would encourage other industry leaders to involve Gateway students in their projects to give them that extra benefit of onsite experience.

Naylor Love is currently completing a staged redevelopment at Wainuiomata High School.

Naylor Love said the students would be able to join the school’s Gateway programme and be given onsite construction experience throughout the redevelopment.

Read the Naylor Love story below.