Shining a light on waste reduction in construction

15 May 2024

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Construction and demolition waste makes up an estimated 50% of the total waste going to landfill, creating a growing environmental problem for New Zealand.  As construction activity increases more and more strain is put on landfills and waste management systems.

Naylor Love has led an initiative to adopt environmentally sustainable practices focused on reducing waste and increasing the reuse and recycling of building products and materials.

This resulted in a major project diverting over 90% of the construction waste away from landfill, recognition in the Construction Sector Accord Beacons Awards, and the availability of broader training created in partnership with Sime Group Ltd. 

The Resource Sorter – Construction, is equivalent to an NZQA 5 credit (level 2) micro-credential. This training equips individuals working on construction sites with the knowledge and tools necessary to prevent and reduce construction waste effectively. All with the goal of fostering a culture of environmental responsibility among construction professionals.

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You can read all about it in the latest issue of Build magazine:  A masterclass in diverting construction waste | BRANZ Build ( or visit the Resource Sorter website at