No more waiting for Site Safety Cards in the mail

07 Oct 2021

We are moving towards a modern based solution and going digital with our Site Safety Cards from 1 December 2021. 

We will no longer provide physical Site Safety Cards to learners who have successfully completed a Site Safe course after 1 December 2021. Learners may gain instant access to their digital Site Safety Card by downloading the Site Safe app from the Google Play or App Store. Simply search 'Site Safe NZ'.  

As an option, we will continue to offer physical cards which may be purchased for $25 including GST at the course booking stage for those that want it. 

The Site Safe app which has been around for some time was introduced in 2018 and included a digital version of the Site Safe Card. Over the months the app has gone through several updates and improvements. The app currently offers a wide range of resources and features to assist learners and industry. 

What’s are the benefits of using the digital Site Safety Card?

Why the change? 

We have listened to industry and responded to their requirements to move towards a digital Site Safety Card with the option of purchasing a physical card at a fee ($25 including GST per card). 

Businesses may continue to use the ID checker to verify staff on-site if needed, or request to view their digital Site Safety Card. 

What has changed? 

The person booking the training course online will be presented with a tick box option at the shopping cart stage to opt-in for a physical card ($25 including GST) next to the learner’s name. 

Leaners will continue to be notified by email after successfully completing their course on how to access their digital Site Safety Card. 

If the person booking the course has opted-in for physical card, the process remains unchanged. Cards will be delivered to the person booking the course.  

New Learner Profiles Report

In addition, we have created a new feature within the My Site Safe dashboard - Learner Profiles Report. This report enables member administrators to select a list of staff and download a report with the same information displayed on their Site Safety Cards. This list can either be used to include in the employee file or added to contract tenders as a supporting document.