Foundation Passport – Consultants (Online) course designed by industry experts

14 Oct 2020

Consultants will now be able get their Site Safety Cards (Passports) anytime, anywhere with Site Safe’s newest online course. 

The Foundation Passport – Consultants (Online) is a fully online, self-paced course meaning learners can complete the course at a time and place that suits them. 

Designed in collaboration with a group of external industry experts, the course is ideal for consultants looking for flexible renewal options. 

Beca Regional Health and Safety Manager, Bruce Campbell, says the new course is a huge step forward. 

“There will still be a place for face-to-face training, particularly for new people and graduates, but the online option has a lot of advantages for us as a business. 

“The fact that you can do it in your own time and at your own pace will be a huge asset and will really save time, especially for those based in the regions who would have had to travel otherwise.” 

Bruce says he was impressed by the course content and expects learners will find the online format appealing. 

“The content is engaging, and I’ve been really impressed by Site Safe’s willingness to take on board our feedback and work with industry to implement these changes.” 

Director of the Construction Clients’ Group (CCG), Tim Warren, says the course is enjoyable and interactive. 

“By involving consultants in the working group, Site Safe have been able to provide real world examples and practical case studies that bring the key safety issues to life. 

“The new course really focuses on some of the high-priority areas such as driving, visiting sites, excavations, plant, height and duty of care, as well as the safety in design element and acknowledges that consultants face a very specific set of issues – both on and off site. And the legal review section is tailored to the audience and to the issues faced by consultants.

Tim says he expects the uptake of the new course to be high. 

“Site Safe have really understood the different roles and stages of career experience of working consultants and made the course really relevant to their risks and responsibilities, as well as flexible to suit the learner’s individual work situation. 

Group Health Safety & Wellbeing Manager of Tonkin + Taylor, Dianne Campton, says the new course is informative with a touch of fun. 

“It’s been a pleasure being part of a team and helping Site Safe as they refreshed their Consultants Passport course for an online learning experience. Working collaboratively together with other consultants has enabled a more centric approach which I trust learners find informative, a little challenging, with a touch of fun. 

“This course is ideal for consultants wanting to take their health and safety to the next level.” 

GHD Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Nigel Craig, says the new online Foundation Passport for Consultants provides a great opportunity for consultants to complete the training online, ultimately allowing them to complete it when it works best with their busy schedules. 

“It was an engaging process working with Site Safe and fellow consultants in the development of this training package. The inclusion of current changes in health and safety impacting on consultants makes this training relevant to both graduates and experienced consultants.” 

About the course 

The Foundation Passport - Consultants (Online) course is suitable for all consultants working in civil and building construction, manufacturing, and maintenance projects. This includes architects, engineers, designers, consulting engineers, quantity surveyors, landscape architects, quality inspectors, temporary works designers, programmers, equipment suppliers, planners and scientists. 

What the course covers:

  • Developing a business case for health and safety on any project
  • Understanding the health and safety responsibilities of project consultants
  • The impact of the Health and Safety at Work Act on Consultants
  • Personal safety
  • The ways in which Consultants influence project safety

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