Buckle up, New Zealand!

11 Mar 2021

WorkSafe data has shone the spotlight on seatbelt use in the workplace, with a particular focus on agricultural activities. However, the statistics show that not buckling up is costing Kiwi lives in other industries as well.


Data analysis undertaken by WorkSafe has shown that the largest single factor contributing to fatal work related accidents is not wearing a seatbelt. WorkSafe have analysed statistics, concluding that almost half of all vehicle-related fatalities that occur on a farm could be avoided by simply buckling up.

Despite the focus on agricultural activities, the numbers support a strong case that all workers in New Zealand should be wearing seatbets in vehicles, at all times. Across every workplace, not wearing a seatbelt contributes to 15% of all fatalities - around 10 lives per year.

Off-road work sites are strongly represented, too, featuring in 44% of vehicle-related fatalities. This includes argicultural workplaces, as well as transport, warehousing, and construction settings.

WorkSafe's analysis comes with a piece of advice to ensure you are minimising your risks whilst in vehicles at work: if you're in a vehicle, always wear your seatbelt.