The Crowley's

Business Owners, Scafit, Palmerston North

Dave and Nicki Crowley run Scafit, a scaffolding company based in Palmerston North and Whanganui that employs 60 people. Dave originally trained in agriculture at Massey University and Nicki is a former nurse. They founded the company in 2005 and they put in place a tikanga called The Scafit Way.

The Scafit Way is not only about providing professional services to customers, they also have a solid vision of safety, quality, customer service and support for their staff, from providing free breakfasts and quality gear, through to health and physio services and even insurance cover for peace of mind.

Scaffolding is hard work and Dave and Nicki ensure their team have all the support they need to get through the day and many other parts of their lives.

“We’ve tried to create a really strong, family culture which is very much based on trust,” says Nicki.

It’s created a place where workers want to come to work and where they know if they do the mahi, they’ll always be valued at Scafit.

While they always have their workers’ health and wellbeing front of mind, being a business owner can be tough. Dave and Nicki share with us some of the challenges  and tools they use to protect their own mental wellbeing.