Tools for Mental Health

Site Safe has played a pivotal role in changing attitudes to health and safety over the last 20 years. Now we are on a journey to work should-to-shoulder with industry to shift the approach to mental health in the workplace.

As a first step, Site Safe conducted a piece of research to help understand the problem of suicide in New Zealand’s construction industry. Find the full report here or the executive summary below.

The toolbox

Executive Summary

Executive summary of the Suicide in New Zealand’s Construction Industry Workforce report (2019).

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Paul Lynch

Paul journey as a small business owner.

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Craig Bulloch

Craig's mental health journey.

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Caleb Ihaia

Caleb's mental health journey.

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The Crowley's

Dave and Nicki Crowley share their journey.

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Site Safe courses that include wellbeing

Site Safe courses that incorporate mental health and wellbeing training.

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Useful links and helplines

Links to mental health providers and organisations.

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Free mental health and stress pocket guides

How to have a conversation about mental health.

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Mental Health videos

These videos look at spotting the signs of mental health and how to start conversations.

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