External Research

Below you will find details and links to New Zealand and International research that is relevant to health and safety, and the construction industry.

Here you will discover in-depth analysis' of some of the key issues surrounding health and safety within the construction industry. 

Industry wellbeing environmental scan and survey

Results from the research show a worsening of mental health driven by Covid-19.

This report highlighted ways to promote mental health for workers. This was driven by MATES in construction. Recommendations include:

  • Checking in with your workers every week makes a difference.
  • Listening to their needs and concerns and helping them navigate conflicts between work and outside of work where possible.
  • Be supportive of those isolating, making sure they are not struggling with the pressure to come to work while sick. There is Government funding support available for employees; employers can facilitate if required. 
  • Employers also need to be aware of their own mental state, make time for yourselves and reach out early if they need help.

Find the report here.

Workplace safety and the future of work in NZ

This research was completed by New Zealand Work Research Institute with AUT.

Results found that men, workers of Māori and Pacific ethnicities, those who have been with their employer for a shorter time, lower-income earners and those in higher-risk industries such as agriculture have a higher likelihood of having a work-related injury claim.

To learn more read the report here

Health and Safety at Work regulatory reform

This paper was completed by MBIE working with the Office of the Minister of Workplace Relations and Safety. 

It seeks agreement to a package of regulatory proposals under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (the HSW Act) for protecting people working with plant (machinery, tools and equipment) and structures, and doing hazardous work at height and on excavations.

Read the report here

Segmentation and insights programme

The Employers and workers report was commissioned by WorkSafe, research completed by Colmar Brunton: A Kantar Company

This report breaks down health and safety maturity levels across the system as well as by sector for businesses and workers. It examines employer maturity, worker engagement and the impact of workplace safety culture.

Read the full report here

Knowledge transfer for occupational health and safety

Completed by The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, University of Hong Kong, School of Engineering and the Built Environment, Anglia Ruskin University.

The focus of this article is the factors that facilitate OHS knowledge transfer in and between organisations involved in construction projects.

After completing interviews with five types of organisation: institutional, clients, main contractors (large international organisations), subcontractors and self-employed operatives they gave some conclusions regarding H&S culture and knowledge transfer. 

Read the article here

A safety climate framework for improving health and safety in the Indonesian construction industry

This research was completed by Universitas Indonesia, Faculty of Built Environment: UNSW Sydney and the University of Technology Sydney. 

The Indonesian construction industry is the second largest in Asia and accounts for over 30% of all occupational injuries in the country. Despite the size of the industry, there is a lack of safety research in this context. This research assesses the safety climate and develops a framework to improve safety in the Indonesian construction industry. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected from 311 construction workers. 

Find the research report here

The motivation of operatives in small construction firms towards health and safety

This research was published in the journal of Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management by authors Khan, S.B., Proverbs, D.G. and Xiao, H.

This research developed a framework to examine the motivational factors that affect operative health and safety in small construction firms.

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