Site-Specific Safety Plans (SSSP)

What you need to know about producing a Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) for your project.

What is a Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSSP)?

A Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) is a highly effective communication tool. It forms a critical part of the agreement between parties and outlines how health and safety will be managed on a job. A SSSP is developed by subcontractors and main contractors to make sure that all relevant site information is available and regularly updated and that health and safety is habitually and consistently monitored.



A SSSP improves communication and makes work more efficient on site and makes it easier to plan safety into the job. 

Many major main contractors in New Zealand require a SSSP as a ‘must have’ for all sub-contractors to submit at the tendering process or at the least completed prior to work onsite. Being up to speed and having one prepared makes life easier for everyone.

The SSSP also acts as a step by step guide to ensure you meet all parts of your obligations under the new Legislation to record the following:

  • identifying and managing hazards
  • reporting accidents and incidents
  • training or supervising employees
  • preparing for emergencies – first aid and rescue plans
  • providing opportunities for employees to be involved in safety procedures

What’s involved?

There are a number of ‘must do’s’ when it comes to a sub-contractor and main contractor filling out a SSSP:

  • Where an agreement is required, both parties need to read the agreement to ensure it forms an accurate plan for the scope of work to be undertaken.
  • The agreement needs to be fully completed before any work starts on the site.
  • All questions need to be answered.
  • Both parties need to sign off the agreement for it to be valid.

Getting started:

The SSSP is free to download here. If you need help Site Safe has produced a free ‘Plain Safe’ help guide which guides you through each step. It’s important you fill out the agreement first as you may not need to complete all the nine forms.

Site Safe also runs a one day which assists you in completing a SSSP. It gives you a thorough understanding of the SSSP including job planning, registers, task analysis and toolbox meeting documentation.

To create a customised management plan to suit your individual needs, consultancy advice can be sought from a Site Safe or any H&S practitioner.