WorkSafe Prosecution Corner

29 Oct 2019

The prosecution of a Central North Island trucking firm shows the need for organisations in every sector to maintain trucks properly and to have an effective system for monitoring fleet maintenance.

The offence, which was heard in the Tauranga District Court in August, dated back to October 2016.

One of the company’s trucks lost its brakes on the Waikato side of the Kaimai Ranges and collided with a vehicle.

The WorkSafe investigation concluded that the 3rd axle brakes were inoperable and the 2nd axle brakes would have been imbalanced on application. 

The driver said that earlier in the day she had noticed braking difficulties near Tirau. She said she called in the problem to the office, but there was no record of that.

The company plead guilty and was fined $150,000 with reparation of $60,000 to other people and $25,000 to the truck’s driver. There was another $22,000 for consequential loss.


Key takeaways:
  1. Ensure that any vehicle is adequately maintained, including having adequately functioning brakes at all times.
  2. Establish an effective system for identifying and monitoring maintenance requirements specific to each vehicle in a fleet.