Taking our guardian role seriously

16 Oct 2019

He Taonga te Haumaru

There have been some recent changes to the Site Safe branding lately as we incorporate our Māori name - Te Kaitiaki o Haumaru – into our signage and email signatures.

The name means The Guardian of Safety and has been introduced to acknowledge the principals of partnership in the Treaty of Waitangi.

Site Safe has also translated the  Proud to be Safe motto to He Taonga te Haumaru - Safety is a Treasure.

Chief executive Brett Murray says incorporating the translations recognises that Māori is an official language of New Zealand and is a part of Site Safe’s engagement with its Māori clientele and the community.

“Māori language and culture are special and unique to New Zealand. We want to play a role in helping it to flourish.

“As a New Zealand organisation, we recognise and embrace what being a Kiwi means to us,” he says.

He says the moves also reflect the huge role Māori play in the construction sector and it is part of Site Safe’s mission of increasing the numbers of Māori learners going through its safety courses.

The name was chosen by the full staff of Site Safe at its 2019 conference which also discussed the adoption of a Māori strategy, He Hononga Tuatahi.

“As we grow and develop our Maori strategy, we will also increase and develop our cultural confidence, which will mean that Māori tikanga/protocols such as karakia (prayer), mihi (greeting) and waiata (song) etc will be embraced by our organisation to be used in as part of our cultural standard”

Te Kaitiaki o Haumaru will be appearing on all of Site Safe’s signage as it is updated.

“Since safety is primarily what we live, breathe, and do for the construction and related industries, we felt that this was appropriate.

“To Site Safe and its staff members, this version of the name represents how we feel about health, safety, and wellbeing:

  • That it is precious
  • That it is valuable
  • That it is worthwhile.”

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