Ground-breaking Research into Stress in Construction Kicks Off

08 Jul 2020

Site Safe is supporting ground-breaking research into stress in the construction industry.

The research will be done in partnership with Massey University's School of Built Environment and will look at how stress affects the behaviour and health of workers in the sector, and how it influences their decision-making.

Site Safe Chief Executive Brett Murray says, "we know stress is a major workplace hazard, but what we don't know is just how big its impact is. As leaders in health and safety, we need to understand everything that can put our people at risk, whether they're hazards you can see, or those that lie beneath the surface. It's great for Site Safe to be working alongside Massey University on this important piece of research."

Previous research done by Site Safe has shown that work-related factors – including stress – played a part in nearly one third of suicides in construction between 2007 and 2017.

"By learning more about stress in the industry - both before and during the Covid-19 pandemic - Site Safe can better tailor the support and advice we give to help keep people safe and help businesses improve."

"Not only can this save lives and prevent injuries, but it can lift productivity and project outcomes."

The Head of the School of Built Environment at Massey University, Professor Monty Sutrisna, says, "I am delighted to see this initiative with Site Safe recognising the importance of mental health in our construction industry. Whilst safety is important, the health part of health and safety has been considered the poor cousin for too long. This initiative will help bring New Zealand's construction industry in line with other construction industries around the world to seriously address this topic."

Initial findings from the research are expected later this year.

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 For technical questions about this research, please contact Dr. Hennie Van Heerden or Dr. Greg Chawynski