Insurance feature improves contract management

17 Aug 2016

Here at Site Safe we are committed to making life safer and easier for both subbies and contractors.

That’s why we’ve added a brand-new feature to our prequalification grading system, SiteWise, which allows you to upload insurance documents.

Contractors looking to hire you can be sure your insurance is up-to-date and you will even receive alerts when your documents are about to expire.

It’s also a great way to back up your insurance documents as they will be stored safely in the cloud.

SiteWise Manager Nigel Palmer says the new feature will improve contract management for both Level 1 and Level  3 contractors.

“It works as a valuable way for hiring contractors to be able to see that information at a glance. And it adds value for subcontractors to have it loaded – it makes it easier for them to show that information beforehand, rather than having to provide it every time.

“It’s all built around trying to make life a little bit easier. And it’s the first step to showing other relevant documents online.”

Using the insurance feature is easy – simply log in to your existing SiteWise account and upload a copy of the document, the amount covered and the expiry date. Once you've uploaded the documents, your profile will display a small insurance icon. 

If you choose to upload your insurance documents then a copy will also display to hiring contractors.

The insurance feature is optional and does not form any part of the questionnaire or your final assessment score. 

For more information check out the SiteWise website.