Scholarships Now Open

01 Jul 2017

pic of joseph

Speaking up on site is one thing Site Safe scholarship recipient Peter Foaese is proud to do.

The heavy haulage driver credits the free training awarded as part of his scholarship with giving him the confidence to take action to protect himself and his work mates on site.

Peter says the scholarship, which entitled him to complimentary training towards the Certificate in Construction Site Safety, taught him to think about safety as a team goal.

“On site it often feels like a battle between us and safety but when you understand that we have to work together everyone achieves more.”

“It’s like the saying about teams – together everyone achieves more.”

The training towards completing the Certificate was challenging but rewarding, Peter said.

“It’s made me more confident and now if I see something wrong I’ll say ‘hey, I know it’s your site, but this could have a massive impact if you don’t address it.’

“It’s given me more confidence and strength as a person.”

Since completing the Certificate, Peter has received several job offers from other companies but preferred to stay on in his current role, where his workmates feel like family.

“The most important thing is my safety and the safety of my workmates.”

Each year, the Site Safe scholarships help the health and safety leaders of the future to jump start their careers by completing the Certificate in Construction Site Safety.

The scholarship includes fully-funded training towards completion of the Certificate, a dedicated mentor and a complimentary ticket to Site Safe’s annual awards and graduation evening in Auckland.

Entries for this year’s scholarships open on July 1 and are open to both Site Safe member and non-member companies.

The five categories for entry are: under 25, open, Maori, Pasifika and Women in Construction.

For more information on how to apply, see our scholarships page.

Entries close on September 1.