Prequal framework proposed

17 Jul 2019

Site Safe chief executive Brett Murray says despite some speculation in the construction sector, CHASNZ  is not bringing out its own safety prequalification system.

CHASNZ (Construction Health & Safety NZ) is holding a number of meetings around New Zealand to discuss its prequalification framework called Tōtika.

It says the objective of Tōtika, an umbrella organisation which aims to provide cross-recognition of prequalification in the construction sector, is to create a system where suppliers only have to carry out pre-qualification once for all buyers of their services.

CHASNZ says it aims to achieve this through:

  • A standardisation of prequalification providers/schemes
  • A standardisation of what buyers want from suppliers in terms of pre-qualification
  • Recognition of selected external audits of suppliers, as an alternative to pre-qualification assessment

Site Safe currently has its own prequal system called SiteWise.

SiteWise allows companies to be assessed as to the level of their safety administration systems. This means higher tier companies can hire them knowing the level of understanding of health and safety and the systems they have in place.

Brett Murray, who is also a board member of CHASNZ, says some people have interpreted the advertisements for the Tōtika meetings as being a plan by CHASNZ to enter the prequal market, but this is not the case.

“CHASNZ have made it clear that this is a pre-qualification framework and it‘s not looking to implement another prequal system.”