Be Safe, Be Certain

12 May 2020

Get assurance your business is measuring up to the COVID-19 protocols with Site Safe’s Pandemic Readiness Review.

This review/audit offers you the opportunity to see how well your business has adapted to the new COVID-19 safety protocols, giving you assurance you’ve got the right plan in place, and peace of mind you’re taking the steps that will keep your workers safe and healthy.

Site Safe Chief Executive Brett Murray says “there’s a lot of pressure on us as an industry to show that we are doing our utmost to keep everyone – from workers through to the wider community - as safe as possible. As everyone gets back on the tools, businesses need to be confident they’ve got it right.

“We know that this isn’t always as easy as it sounds because sites vary hugely in size and complexity, and so do the risks.

“As a key player in the production of the new COVID-19 Construction protocols, we are uniquely placed to help you ensure your business has the right safety measures in place, and to help you understand how to apply the protocols to your specific situation and site plans.

“We are able to review what you’ve already got in place and show you how to improve so you can be confident that your business is performing as it should."

In addition to the Pandemic Readiness Review, Site Safe offers a suite of reviews (audits) including:

  • Construction Health and Safety Performance Reviews (focusing on site behaviours)
  • Critical Risk Management Reviews (focusing on high-risk activities, systems and processes)
  • Residential Health and Safety Performance Reviews
  • Civil Health and Safety Performance Reviews
  • Facilities Health and Safety Management Reviews
  • Retail Health and Safety Reviews

Site Safe also offers a range of other assurance products including:

  • Our prequalification tool, SiteWise
  • One-on-one advice with our team of professional health and safety consultants
  • Training and professional development for your team

 Find out more about our reviews here.