New role for Jeff Strampel

26 Jun 2019

Site Safe Central Region manager Jeff Strampel is moving to the newly created role of Health and Safety Lead.

Based in Wellington, Jeff  will be responsible for three main areas:

  • Overseeing health and safety within Site Safe
  • Reviewing training delivery of courses
  • Using his safety expertise to support Development and Customer Services.

The main part of the new job is co-ordinating health and safety within Site Safe itself.

Jeff Strampel

 “We’ve grown and evolved quite a lot from the organisation of under 20 people it was when I first joined,” he says. 

 “Like all small organisations we were capable of managing our health and safety with no-one taking particular ownership.  

"But as we’ve grown there’s become a need for that to happen because we’ve spread out nationally and we’ve diversified into a number of departments.”

Being a scaffolder and rigger by trade, safety has always been a key interest of Jeff’s and he already does a fair bit of co-ordinating it for Site Safe.  But he says juggling his regional manager’s role and taking point on H&S has become too big for one job so the two roles have been split and the regional manager role is currently open for applications. (See below for a link to the job description.)

A solid part of the new role is helping Site Safe get ISO 45001 accreditation which  provides a framework to develop Health and Safety management systems.

“The move to ISO is not a big one for Site Safe, but it means we’ll have an independent body that can verify our status.”

He says being audited by an outside body is good for Site Safe’s professional standing and ensures it knows it is getting things right.

“That then goes back to the safety and wellbeing of our people.”

With regards to health and safety, Jeff says he may be the organisation lead within Site Safe, but he’s not going to be micro-managing things. 

“One of my philosophies, and one shared by a lot of health and safety practitioners, is that safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

“However, I will be co-ordinating it and monitoring accountability for it.”

 The second key part of the new role is to review the training delivery within courses. That  means he will be able to help trainers improve by giving them feedback about their teaching methods.

Currently that’s done by peer review and by regional managers but Jeff says he will be able to bring an independent eye to the training.

 “I can still remember my own first review … and it was a very well written report that gave me some real ideas to enable me to do better.

 “Each of the trainers will probably get at least one visit from me a year. I will sit in on the classes  and - through the regional managers -  provide the trainer with feedback and a report.”

The third role for Jeff is as broad as it will be slightly unpredictable.

“I will be the technical adviser to pretty well anyone who wants advice.”

This means anything from helping the customer services reps with the calls they get about safety issues through to helping the comms team get the technical content in their articles correct.

As the new job is a national role, Jeff reports to the Group Manager Operational Support Richard Patete.

“It will be great to have Jeff in this role as he has a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the health and safety area, is an experienced and competent trainer and has great institutional knowledge,” Richard says.

Jeff will move into the role when a replacement Central Region manager has been appointed.

The advert for that role can be found here.

Here's a brief video of Jeff talking about the new role and what it means for Site Safe.