Innovative Tool for Working at Height

08 Sep 2017

One Kiwi company has created an innovative tool which it hopes will encourage safer working at heights.

Investigations by WorkSafe into falls while working at height show that more than 50 per cent of falls are from less than 3m, and about 70 per cent of falls are from ladders and roofs.

With the new Health and Safety at Work Act driving home the message to improve height practices, Christchurch-based firm Minilifts believes it has invented a new product which will encourage more efficient and safer ways of working.

Creator Steve Munro is hailing the new portable elevated work platform as a “one-of-a-kind”.

Lightweight and designed to be carried by two men, removing the need for a crane or forklift, the minilift is easily transportable, says Steve.

The lift can be used on residential, commercial and domestic sites.

“It can be used in all manner of situations. Once taken apart it can be carried upstairs and transported by van.

“It’s an affordable solution that cuts back on delays waiting for forklifts or cranes. There is nothing like it on the market – it’s one of a kind,” Steve says.

Steve believes the price and time savings will make workers less inclined to take risks by using ladders and stilts, and make workplaces safer.

“You’re less likely to get fatigued and take risks because you are not up and down a ladder all day long. We believe that the lift can double your productivity, cutting down what would have been an 8hr job into a 4hr job.”

Designed to be manned by one person, from ground to platform the minilift measures 2m, with a maximum working height of 4m.

Built in Christchurch from aviation-grade aluminium and steel, the lift is easy to manoeuvre and is operated from within the platform.

“It’s about creating efficiencies - but you’ll also get home safely and with more energy if you are not up a ladder all day.”

 picture of minilift