Meet the Team: Mala

29 Nov 2017

Meet Mala, one of our customer services superstars. Mala was voted our inaugural 2017 Customer Services Team Member of the Year for her dedication, her “get stuff done” attitude and her fierce karaoke skills.

picture of mala

Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce with a triple major in marketing, management and commercial law, Mala started working for Site Safe in 2015. Since joining the team, she has risen through the ranks to become one of our database gurus and sometimes steps up into the role of acting customer services team leader.

Mala says working with an awesome team and having a job with a purpose motivates her to keep doing her best.

“I love what Site Safe stands for and doing our little bit every day to get people home safe.

“For me, I guess it comes down to doing what I can to contribute to the big picture, and because of the strong leaders around me, I understand how I fit into the bigger Site Safe vision of keeping people safe.”

A Lower Hutt native of Gujarati Indian descent, Mala knows what it’s like to be part of a big, extended family – growing up there were as many as 20 family members in the house while her family’s business got up and running.

“I don’t think I could work for a big corporate business after working here. The team are like a big family. We have a laugh every day.”

Never afraid of hard work, she is passionate about getting stuff done, and doing it to a high standard – even if it means staying after hours.

“It’s a pretty open and receptive place – they take my ideas on board, which is awesome and gives me room to grow.”

Although no longer in an external role, Mala says she still gets a kick out of dealing with customers.

“I’ll never say no to a customer – I’ll always try to find a way to help them. It definitely keeps it interesting.”

When not helping to steer the Site Safe ship, Mala might be found rapping to Eminem like a pro in her car, binge watching Netflix and bench pressing more than you might expect.

Mala is just one of the many diverse, hardworking people in our Site Safe whanau. To learn more about the Site Safe team, including our award-winning health and safety advisors, check out our staff profiles online.