Making sure the courses are spot on

25 Nov 2019

Site Safe is reviewing its Foundation Passport – Civil and Building Construction courses and is running workshops to get feedback to make sure the courses are still meeting the demands of the sector.

Site Safe has been working closely with Construction Health & Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ) to ensure both training and industry testing are building competency among frontline workers in the sector.

It has been acknowledged that practical training and testing is an optimum combination for learning and measuring how much people know.

The Site Safe Foundation Passport courses are designed for workers starting in the industry and focus on  foundation health and safety knowledge as well as behavioural motivation to put that knowledge into practice on site.

Site Safe is committed to working with both CHASNZ and the industry to ensure that the construction sector trains its workers to a standard that allows them to understand and play an effective role in managing and controlling the risks inherent in our industry.

Site Safe will be looking at any adjustments needed to the courses to ensure all construction workers take responsibility for working safely and are willing to speak up when this is not possible and to provide a solid foundation for sitting ConstructSafe’s Assessment of Foundational Knowledge.

We are holding 3-hour workshops in:

  • Wellington (December 13)
  • Christchurch (December 10) and
  • Auckland (December 11).

The workshops will be run by  Blake Kyle, Site Safe’s Research and Technical Advisor and the idea is to get direct feedback on what the courses currently cover and what changes and updates you want to see in a revamped course.

Site Safe encourages companies from across the regions to send experienced people who can make a meaningful contribution to the session and who represent the views of the business.

Each day has a morning Building Construction workshop starting at 8.30am with refreshments and snacks. At 12:30pm each day we will kick off the Civil Construction workshop , also with snacks. The workshops proper last two and a half hours. If spaces are available, people can do one, or both.

You can register via Eventbrite for the Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland workshops.