Making a difference one project at a time

13 Nov 2019

Bradley Planning

In the winner’s circle after receiving the Vero Liability Safety Contribution Award are, from left, Judith Schwarz of Vero Liability, with BPM’s Mike Hawke, Alex Bulley Dan Bradley and Frank van Hattum.


Bradley Project Management is a company on a mission. Well, it’s got a few of them on the go, but one that is championed by everyone in the small team  is putting health and wellness right at the heart of doing business, and life in general.

The winner of the Vero Liability Safety Contribution Award for an individual or small team at Site Safe’s Evening of Celebration on November 6, the award judges said the Wellington-based consultancy “has a homegrown, no-nonsense approach to developing and sharing its wellness programme.”

“A small team of just eleven people, BPM bring a David and Goliath attitude to influencing the wider industry.”

The judges said, “BPM’s catchy and provocative values, such as ’we get s*** done’ really says that this is a company that is not afraid to put its money where its mouth is.”

The company started as a two-person partnership in 2017 as experts in project management in the petroleum industry and now has 11 staff working in a wide range of areas including retail, commercial and residential construction, fit-outs and upgrades.

In accepting the award, Managing Director Daniel Bradley said he didn’t think the company was actually doing anything “too special”.

“We’re just doing what we think should be done …trying to help people, and that includes their wellness and their health.

“I’d like to give a big thanks to my team - they’re the ones actually on the frontline pushing for what we believe.”

One particular aspect of BPM’s home-grown approach that the award judges liked was its use of clever slogans that stick in the mind, such as: “You can’t be good at your job if your job is all you do”; “Safety is the ultimate result if the health and wellness is right” and the judges’ favourite: “Don’t be a jerk”.

Judith Schwarz from award sponsor Vero Liability’s said the company is delighted to be involved in recognising BPM’s exciting and wide-ranging contributions to making the industry safer and better for everyone.

The judges added that it is not every company in the industry with firm policies on gender equity, poverty, climate change and social justice. And not every company is happy to take on the challenge of changing the wider industry for the better. But Bradley Project Management is just eleven people – it’s a bit David and Goliath – and the judges say “good on them”.


Bradley Planning 2

Receiving the Vero Liability Safety Contribution Award at the Site Safe Evening of Celebration is Dan Bradley from Bradley Project Management. Also, from left, are Site Safe’s Kate Strawbridge, Judith Schwarz of Vero Liability and Site Safe CE Brett Murray.