Health and Safety at Work Strategy Consultation (2018-2028)

25 May 2018

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and WorkSafe New Zealand have developed a draft Health and Safety at Work Strategy designed to improve health and safety at work across New Zealand over the next ten years.

The Strategy’s purpose is to strengthen the health and safety at work system by:

  • Aligning direction - creating a shared ambition for how the system will work to improve the lives and wellbeing of workers in New Zealand
  • Enabling co-ordination - helping people work together more effectively by providing a clear picture of the overall system and its participants’ roles, and setting a platform to work together across the system
  • Identifying capability gaps and opportunities - prioritising the key areas where capability needs to be lifted and developing actions within these areas
  • Improving system measurement - developing a performance monitoring framework which will improve the collective intelligence, data, and analysis of risks and interventions across the whole system

The full Strategy consultation document can be read here

So that we can advocate effectively on your behalf, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the Strategy.

We've pulled together a draft of some of our initial thoughts which you can read here.

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