Government Funded Health and Safety Representative Transition Training

03 May 2016

The Government has recognised the key role Health & Safety Representatives will play to reduce serious workplace injuries and they are funding free transition training for eligible Health & Safety Representatives for a limited time in 2016.

The course has been developed by Safety ’n Action in partnership with WorkSafe New Zealand.

Under the new legislation, there are certain powers that HSRs will only be able to carry out once they have completed HSR Transition Training or initial training to an approved NZQA unit standard.

Transition Training for existing HSRs ensures that they can function effectively under the new Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA).

Eligibility for Transition Training

To be eligible the candidate must be already trained as an HSR under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and have completed an HSR training course to at least Stage 1 (or equivalent) that has been approved by the Minister of Labour.

Online Outline

Online transition training will give, until the end of May, for all trained HSRs, an opportunity to upskill to the HSWA at no cost to them.

The video based presentation consists of six short modules and follows an HSR while he explains the changes to his role and function brought about by the HSWA to his boss.

The six modules cover:

1. What are the changes to the new Act?

2. Worker representation.

3. Role of the HSR.

4. Ceasing unsafe work.

5. Provisional Improvement Notices.

6. Provisional Improvement Notice reviews.

At the end of each module there is a short assessment quiz to prepare the student for the final multiple choice question assessment.

Face to Face Outline

The face to face training has been designed around Safety ‘n Action’s philosophy of relevant, practical and fun.

Face to Face Training is nearly at capacity so bookings should be made as soon as possible. Students who take the half day course will learn through a mixture of theory, and industry based role play scenarios.

The presentation is broken down in to six parts covering: worker participation, worker representation, the role of the HSR, applying the HSRs duties, issuing a Provisional Improvement Notice and WorkSafe and the HSR.

Once your transition training has been successfully completed you will receive an official certificate, recognising your transitioned knowledge to the new legislation.

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