Get Your Passport Faster

29 Sep 2020

We're making some changes so that you, and your learners, can get your Site Safety Cards (Passports) faster.

To make this possible, we're asking that from September 29, if you book training with us, to please provide a valid email address for each learner who will be attending. From September 29 this will be a mandatory field in the online booking form.

Providing us with the learner's email address means we can email them a link to complete their enrolment form online before their course, rather than asking them to complete a paper form during their course. This should significantly reduce the amount of time it takes us to process Site Safety Cards (Passports) and reduce delays for your business.

No email address?

If the team member you are booking on to a course does not have/cannot create an email address, or you do not know their email address, you will need to supply an alternative email address. They will still be able to enrol in class (if they are enrolled in a classroom-based course). However, this will slow down the processing of your Site Safety Card (Passports) as their information will need to be manually processed. For learners booked on to our online or webinar courses, we will continue to require a valid email address in order to issue them with their log in and registration information.


If you have any questions, then please get in touch with us at 0800 SITE SAFE or