Finalists announced - Site Safe Construction Health and Safety Awards

24 Sep 2018

Site Safe is pleased to announce the 13 outstanding finalists for the 2018 awards, which promote health and safety in construction by giving national recognition to those making a real difference.

The awards acknowledge people, sites and businesses that are demonstrating excellence in the areas of leadership, innovation and contribution.

There were a record number of entries this year and the judges wished to congratulate all the applicants on the high calibre of entries.

The awards will be presented at the awards ceremony at Alexandra Park in Auckland on November 7. More information on the awards and ticket sales are available here.

Finalists are:

The WorkSafe New Zealand Safety Contribution Award

APS Ltd - Sione Lolohea
An invaluable role model for APS, Sione has paved the way for a raft of improvements in the company’s safety culture, bringing a new level of realism and connection to the team’s height training. Sione has been instrumental in developing new safety products, including design improvements to roof anchors and APS’ PPE safety kits.

Fletcher Construction - Emlyn Moore
Emlyn’s hands-on and inclusive approach has led to a real lift in safety culture on site. Her positive approach and free and open communication style has encouraged contractors to provide honest feedback, created real opportunities for improvement and created good habits amongst workers.

RedBull Powder Company - Major Hazard Facility Forum Coordinating Team
Made up of a group of volunteers from various businesses, the forum team bring operators together to share information, learn about best practice and improve safety systems in major hazard facilities. By promoting collaboration and sharing information, the forum has helped lift safety outcomes across the industry.

The Vertical Horizonz Safety Innovation Award Large Business

Monadelphous Engineering
Designed and implemented a pipe compaction frame which removes the need for operators to work in the trench, eliminating the risks of engulfment, noise and manual handling. The frame has also significantly improved the rate of compaction, bringing substantial productivity gains.

Naylor Love Construction
Created a ply-covered angled bracket which can be installed onto swinging stage platforms, eliminating the risk of objects falling from multi-storey builds. If introduced widely, this innovative solution has the potential to save the lives of both workers and the public.

NZ Strong
Developed an improved rib and infill process which eliminates the need for workers to walk on an unsecured surface. Working collaboratively with the engineers, architects, manufacturers and suppliers, the team have created a new way of working which could have significant benefits for the wider industry.

The Hawkins Safety Innovation Award for Small to Medium Business

Core Drill Block
Created a block which supports the drill when core drilling, removing the need for the operator to use their feet or hands to stabilise it during operation. The device also helps to guide the core drill to a pinpoint position, eliminating the need for expensive drill frames.

Spiral Drillers Civil
Designed an innovative tool which safely removes rock cores from drilling barrels. Nicknamed the “shaker”, the device eliminates the need for workers to use heavy-duty hand tools, reducing manual handling injuries and exposure to noise.

TRH Services
Developed a bespoke emergency panic alarm which allows worker to activate an SOS alert from remote wind farms where no cellular or radio communication is possible. This new system allows staff at the scene of the emergency to focus on the patient, safe in the knowledge that back up is on its way.

Total Traffic Management
Created a new “stop/go” paddle which has more than doubled the visibility of road workers. With more roading work conducted at night than ever before, this new tool has proven to slow traffic much faster and has significantly reduced the risk for workers.

The Teletrac Navman Safety Leadership Award

Bradley Project Management – Daniel Bradley
For his above and beyond commitment to the health and wellness of the BPM team in his role as Managing Director. Daniel has implemented an extensive health, safety and wellness programme with strong focus on staff working towards personalised goals. This approach has helped to create a culture where wellbeing has become an intrinsic part of the business.

Pipeline and Civil
Led by its directors and managers, Pipeline and Civil have rolled out an extensive raft of health and safety improvements. Leaders at the business have led by example, taking a hands-on approach to health and safety, and demonstrating their care by being on site with workers to review safety processes and procedures.

Southern Lakes Scaffolds
For their extensive training and upskilling of both their staff and the business itself. Led by management and the health and safety team, Southern Lakes Scaffolds has a constant focus on challenging and improving itself and has achieved a raft of safety accreditations since setting itself the goal of becoming the safest scaffolders in New Zealand.