Chief Exec update - Summer 2016

06 Dec 2016

When I look back over the past year it seems a lot has occured and that construction health and safety has come along way. The much anticipated Health and Safety at Work Act was introduced and this brought with it a lot of 'healthy anxiety'. We've seen a strong increase in demand for our services, in particular training and consultancy to help get businesses up to speed. We've also developed greater relationships with others in the industry.

At the same time we've also released a number of new free resources to help you get up to speed. For example the free help guide and free video series. If you're still yet to take steps to bring your business up to speed, it isn't to late, we're happy to help.

We launched the new Passport options on December 1st. Based on your feedback we’ve designed a new suite of passport courses that offer you more choice and flexibility. This month we're launching new versions of our popular Site Safe Passport course, designed specifically for workers new to the industry or to health and safety training (called Foundation Passport). To complement this, we’ve also developed passport renewal courses (called Passport Plus) which are tailored to specific health and safety areas, so you don’t have to repeat the same course to renew your card. These new courses are available for booking now, with the first courses set to take place in the new year.

The Evening of Celebration held in Auckland last month was a great success and is becoming a significant feature of the national awards calendar. Our awards this year went to AGL Scaffolding and Rigging, Farra Engineering, Fulton Hogan/John Holland j.v., Jo Prigmore and Neill Kydd from Fulton Hogan and a judges special mention went to NETcon. Over 220 Certificate in Construction Site Safety graduates completed their study this year and on the night 70+ crossed the stage in Auckland. At our regional graduation ceremonies, 19 crossed the stage in Wellington and 20 in Christchurch. Congratulations to all.

The Site Safe team will be taking a well earned break from 23 Dec through to 8 Jan and I would like to take the opportunity now to wish you all a safe and relaxing Christmas holiday and new year break.

Kind regards,

Alison Molloy
Site Safe NZ - Chief Executive