CE Update

01 Sep 2020

With Auckland moving into Alert Level 2 this week, I wanted to update you on how our offices are operating.

Face-to-face training in the Auckland region resumed this week with the increased hygiene and physical distancing measures we rolled out across the rest of our offices earlier last month. Our other offices have continued to operate safely during Level 2. Safety is our top priority, and you can have confidence that we will be doing our best to keep your team safe. Our online courses will continue to be available and we encourage you to make use of these if you or your team are unable to attend classroom training.

Based on Ministry of Education advice, Site Safe recommends that learners bring face coverings or masks with them when attending on-site activities, and make use of these where appropriate, particularly where physical distancing may be difficult.

Stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 Protocols for Construction

We’ve been working with the industry working group to ensure the Construction COVID-19 Protocols reflect the latest guidance from government. The newest version of the protocols can be found on our website. These will continue to be reviewed as the situation changes, so you can be confident you’ve got the most up-to-date information on how to protect your team while still getting the job done.

Going Green

We’re currently looking into ways to streamline our processes and become more environmentally friendly. As part of this, we’re investigating how we can ramp up our digital services and move away from plastic cards. Over the coming months we’ll be increasingly encouraging learners to use our app to download their card online and to only request a physical card if they need one. We’re also planning to roll out improvements to our enrolment process, making it quicker and easier to keep your team’s details up to date. We’ll continue to keep you updated as work on this initiative progresses later this year.

Looking after yourself – and your mates

In this time of economic uncertainty and stress, it’s easy to put mental health at the bottom of your list. Keeping your business - and your team - afloat will be top of mind for many as we navigate these unchartered waters. But we know tough times can put not only our livelihoods but our mental wellbeing, at risk.  If you or your team need some support, organisations like Site Safe, MATES in Construction and the Mental Health Foundation are a good place to start. On our website you’ll find a free Mental Health Pocket Guide, which contains practical tips on how to start a conversation about mental health. MATES have also released an online resource aimed at helping those in the industry cope during tough times. Another great resource is the Mental Health Foundation’s guide for workplace leaders on wellbeing at work during Covid-19 – this looks at common causes of stress and the impact of Covid-19 on mental health.

At Site Safe, we’re working to improve understanding of these issues. We're currently working with Massey University on research into how men in construction seek help for mental health issues. Initial results from this study are expected next year, with the end goal of providing practical tips on improving mental health in the construction industry. We’re also supporting ground-breaking research into how stress affects workers and decision-making in the construction industry, with findings from this Massey research initiative expected later this year. And as part of our commitment into conducting research into topics that support best practice in the industry, we’ve signed an MOU with Massey's School of Built Environment and will be collaborating with them on a number of other projects in coming years.

As always, thanks for your support and stay safe.

Kia kaha 

Brett Murray, Chief Executive