An extra boost for training skills

29 Aug 2019

Three specialist  learning facilitators have recently started at Site Safe in a move to further boost the organisation’s quality of training.

Two, Karen Lynley from Upper Hutt, and Margi Eade from Auckland, are new to Site Safe, and the third is former Auckland safety advisor David Young who is changing roles after applying for one of the new positions.

Central Regional Manager Jeff Strampel, who is moving to the new role of Health and Safety Lead for the organisation, says having specialist Learner Facilitators further adds to the  level of quality and expertise at Site Safe.

 “Our Learning Facilitators come from professional learning and adult education backgrounds.  We’ve engaged them because of their specific expertise in training delivery and facilitation.

“This engagement of specialists for a role follows our move several years ago to having focused roles for safety advisors in areas such as training, auditing, engagement and so on,” he says.

 “The close working relationship between our Team members means that the expertise our different people have in construction, health and safety, training facilitation and adult education can be shared – enabling Site Safe to further lift the bar in the support and services we offer our members and customers.

“That’s the model we expect to see going forward.”

Margi Eade

  Margi Eade has already had a pretty high-flying career– she spent a total of 17 years as a flight attendant with Air New Zealand, both on domestic and international routes.

Now based at Site Safe’s Onehunga office where she’s a Learning Facilitator, she will be bringing a few other skills into the classroom that she has picked up along the way.

First up are some talents in languages and teaching literacy. She’s taught English in Japan,  is fluent in French and has worked at Literacy Aotearoa.

 “English language issues can be an obstacle to following health and safety processes and reporting hazards,” she says.

As a literacy educator she took the training to the worksites which she says she enjoyed.

“I loved going into various workplaces and doing programmes for English language support, business communication and leadership, as well as the basic numeracy and literacy support.”

She also worked at Edvance, working with adult literacy and other workplace skills and had a similar role at the Skills ITO.

When the job of a Learning Facilitator came up at Site Safe she says she leapt at it. It’s a role that enables her to share her love of adult education, while bringing up the skills of people to a level they need to be at.

 “All of the training facilitators are specialists in facilitated learning. Although we don’t have the technical knowledge of the safety advisors, a facilitation approach allows us to draw the knowledge, expertise and experience out of where it really sits – in all those individuals attending our training who are problem solving and managing health and safety every day in their roles out in industry.”

Likewise, she has experience she is bringing in that other people don’t have.

 “When it comes to things like worker health and fatigue, I know all about that from my flying days!”

She has already run several Foundation Passport courses – Building & Construction/ Civil/ Consultants - and will soon be delivering Passport Plus for Worker Health.

“I’m loving the courses and the trainees. My style is interactive and fun and these courses allow that.”

Outside of Site Safe Margi is a keen yoga practitioner and loves getting out into nature, either in Auckland or in the Coromandel.

 David Young

David Young, also in the Auckland office, joined Site Safe as a safety advisor in September and applied for the role as a Learning Facilitator which he got, along with Margi and Karen.

He started his working career as an industrial electrician and was also employed by the electrical training company Etco training electricians at night courses.

He became an electrical inspector 10 years ago, starting his own business, and was also Etco’s apprentice coordinator for Northland and did training in a range of areas.

David’s wide-ranging knowledge, qualifications and experience means that he’s well placed to support (and challenge) Site Safe learners in the training environment.

David will continue to deliver the Site Safe  Foundation Passport – Electrical Workers course, alongside his other foundation and 1 and 2-day courses.

Outside of work David is active with Mahurangi Presbyterian Church in Warkworth, has been active in Boys Brigade and till recently he and his wife, school teacher Rietta, ran an after-school course for young Pacifica students.

David has three children aged 24 and twins at 19.

 Karen Lynley

 Karen Lynley, who recently started at the Wellington office, spent 20 years with The Learning Connexion, which is a tertiary art school in Lower Hutt.

A painter and mixed media artist by interest, Karen attended as a student before being co-opted into tutoring. She went on to help create their distance delivery programme and then worked as an executive, facilitating their academic board, managing staff and working in programme development (she still does some painting, as shown by this watercolour of her daughter Aria below). 

Most recently Karen was the training and development co-ordinator with SPACE NZ Trust (who then integrated with Parenting Place), training their facilitators and writing the curriculum for their programme which supports new parents and their babies – a blend of adult and early childhood education.

Her role at Site Safe is to deliver courses such as ‘Leadership in Safety’ and ‘Health and Safety in Contracting’, and of course the Foundation Passport courses, for the Central Region.

“I am a Learning Facilitator, rather than a Safety Advisor. My focus will be on the delivery of courses and marking assignments rather than auditing, for example.

 “My job is to use my experience in learning and development to support the industry and Site Safe. It’s a privilege to be learning from the amazing staff here, as well as those from industry who share their expertise in every training session.”

Outside of work Karen is a member of the public speaking organisation Toastmasters which dovetails nicely with her facilitation work. She has also just completed Level 1 of Te Ara Reo Māori at Te Wananga o Aotearoa and is now working toward Site Safe’s Health and Safety in Construction certificate.

Karen  lives in Upper Hutt with her partner and daughter and has a stepson who lives in the Wairarapa.

aria painting