SiteWise Gold status goes live

03 May 2021

SiteWise, a prequal system grading a contractor’s health and safety capability powered by Site Safe, is excited to announce a new gold status. SiteWise Gold will complement the existing thresholds of Red, Amber and Green.

The Red (0-49%) and Amber (50-74%) thresholds will remain unchanged, while Green will become a narrower band of 75% to 89%. This will help distinguish contractors with exemplary results, with SiteWise Gold status reserved for those who score above 90% on their assessment.


SiteWise status levels


Why are we making this change?

We have listened to our members. This enhancement is in response to members’ feedback asking for more accurate distinctions between results.

Achieving SiteWise Green (currently 75% or above) helps to establish a baseline demonstration of health and safety competence and has worked well in providing a minimum requirement for many of level 1 & 2 Companies and achieving SiteWise Gold takes this peace of mind to the next level.

It will provide recognition to companies who have worked hard over time to improve their assessment results and may also be used as a prerequisite for high-risk contactors. It is also a threshold many companies in SiteWise Green will want to aspire to and demonstrate their commitment to achieving improved health and safety standards.


To find out more, or to discuss what SiteWise can do for your business, visit or call the SiteWise team: