Health and Safety at Work Act - Small Business Guide

03 Apr 2016

New Zealand Health and Safety law has changed. The focus of the new Health and Safety at Work Act is to protect workers and other people against harm to their health, safety and wellbeing by eliminating or minimising risks at work. It's part of a reform package that aims to reduce New Zealand's work related illness, injury and fatality figures by 25% by 2020. The new law came into effect 4 April 2016. 

This practical guide is designed to help you as a small business owner understand the new health and safety legislation, your new responsibilities and what this means for your business.

In Site Safe's view the new law is not a cause for panic. If you're doing the right thing under the current law then it's unlikely that you need to make major changes. If you've been neglecting your organisations health and safety then the new law presents a great opportunity to review your health and safety practices, your culture and how you manage risks.


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